Hey Girls, I’ve just been reminiscing about my time in Paris at the Haute Couture shows and realized I never posted about the Julien Fournié show I was invited too! Front row seats and everything, it was fabulous!

It was such a pleasure to go to Julien Fournié show during the Haute Couture fashion week. I just LOVED the atmosphere of the show which took place under the wonderful Alexandre III bridge, so parisian ! It was in the Showcase, a chic and cosy night club with vaults and subdued violet lights.

Having a front row invitation is absolutly amazing you have the best view of all the outfits! Let’s talk about the collection ! Julien Fournié is a creative designer, he created pieces that you’ve never seen before, with neoprene and glossy materials, some floral inspirations, charleston’s effects, the atmosphere was quite futuristic and graphic. He also used transparency, puffed materials (big shoulders) and the « zip » was present  in a lot of outfits. It was really cool to feel such creativity floating in the air, perfectly matched to the futuristic music and a psychedelic video playing in the background.

I have to say, the after party was also great, I met a lot of my friends and we had lots of champagne discussing out highlights from fashion week. I can’t wait for the next ready to wear fashion show!

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