June 23, 2015 // ART


Let’s get cultural!

With this main thought in mind we started our annual art adventure at Art Basel. For those who have never heard of this amazing Event, Art Basel is the world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works, featuring nearly 300 leading galleries from around the globe. The Art Basel shows are held annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong.

During that time you not only get a chance to see incredible works by world-renowned artists, but also discover some new & exciting artists who represent the vanguard of the visual arts. Keeping this in mind, we started our Artsy Week visiting VOLTA 11, the renowned art fair for new and emerging art, known as “the most established of the Art Basel satellite fairs”.

What we love about VOLTA is the amazing feeling of intimacy and friendship you experience when you’re stepping into the art booths. Curators and artists are friendly, approachable and extremely eager to present you with their vision and  ideas which lead to the proud creations. They are eager to share a dialog with you, force you to think and interpret their works… and who knows  – maybe even challenge them a bit?

And that’s what we believe Art should be about – feeling and passion- not just another addition to a perfectly designed apartment.



There were many artists who caught our attention this year. We chose to share with you special pieces that send the strongest message. For example, “Have you ever wondered what a soul looks like?” Nope, we don’t expect you to answer that.It’s a name of a new painting series by an American abstract painter, Justin Orvis Steimer, who’s represented by Catinca Tabacaru Gallery from New York. His work focuses heavily on “portraiture” rendered through the lens of the transcendental energy of a portrayed person.  And guess what – we found our good friend and model in one of the paintings – an amazing German artist Annina Roescheisen!







Untitled-1 copy

Another artist we truly loved Taiyo Kimura and his series – “Feel Your Gravity in a Field.” His art, using magazines with the eyes cut out, sends a very important message which we tend to forget nowadays – we browse magazine pages, look at the people in them, but these people, once captured are also observing us.


And last but not least, Travis Somerville, presenting large scale oil paintings with images of political and cultural icons associated with the history of the south. His work explores the complexities of racism and serves as a point of departure for discussion about US oppression and colonial attitudes abroad.  And as recent events indicate, how relevant they are to this day.



That’s all for now, Gals. Stay tuned for another post from our Artsy Week. Coming up soon!





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