February 8, 2017 // LIFESTYLE

The Workout Playlist by TALLY WEiJL

The essential ingredient to get #supermotivated is… MUSIC, of course! A good playlist not only means added inspiration, but also extra motivation and focus. Good news, we’ve got you covered with our “Workout Playlist by TALLY WEiJL” so hitting that treadmill will never be boring again! Whether it’s dance, hip-hop or pop hits, this perfect playlist will become your best workout friend.


But first things first. Let’s have a look at our pre-workout checklist:
– YOUR WORKOUT GEAR! One rule: the cooler, the better! And the good news is we can help for that too. Check out our sweaters, they will witness your fitness successes!
– Makeup wipes: to use before exercising! You sure don’t want to look like Kung-Fu Panda 😉
– Protect your hair from breakages: time to wear your favorite ponytail – they look good on everyone.
– Hydration is key. Always have a bottle of water on hand to drink before, during, and after your workout.
– If you’re working out outdoors, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
– Antibacterial wipes are always a good idea to have on hand too (equipment, sweaty hands, you know).
– A clean towel will definitely be useful too along with your showering accessories.
– A healthy or protein-based snack.
– Headphones are a must for a perfect workout experience, so get yours here.

Hmmm… Only one thing missing… Oh wait, here it is:
– Your “Workout Playlist by TALLY WEiJL”, of course!

Ready? Warm up, hit PLAY and let’s make this happen! 1, 2, 3, 4…!

Get your warrior mode on, girls! Hit that pavement, run on that treadmill and lift those weights! Exercising has never been so fun! Work out better, faster, longer, stronger, run that extra mile! Let yourself get lost in the music – be careful not to get too lost though, remember what happened to Taylor Swift on her treadmill? 😉

Now let’s get the music started and groove along!