March 3, 2017 // LIFESTYLE

How to treat yourself after a looong day

We all know what it feels like to go home after a long busy day, when all you want to do is to wrap up in a cozy blanket, you’re your pajama shorts and watch your favorite series. It’s always better with a cup of hot chocolate so we found this cute & easy chocolate stirring spoons idea that will give you a warm hug. Especially recommended to treat yourself after a long afternoon shopping, a long night partying, or a long day of doing nothing 😉

What you’ll need:

– Spoons (wooden, plastic or metal)

– Chocolate (dark, milk and white)

– Chopped pistachios

– Chocolate chips

– Dried strawberries

– Water

– A spatula or tablespoon

– A microwave-proof bowl




How to do:

– Start by placing bits of chocolate into the bowl and add a little bit of water on top.

– Melt it down in the microwave for about 1 minute. Check & stir often.

– Stir until the melted chocolate is smooth and shiny.

– Allow the melted chocolate to cool down slightly so it will stick to the spoons.

– Use the spatula to transfer the melted chocolate onto each spoon.

– Add toppings: chopped pistachios, chocolate chips or dried strawberries.

– Lay the spoons on a plate in the fridge until the chocolate sets and hardens.

– Enjoy with a cup of hot milk, hot cocoa, or coffee. When you stir it in your drink, the chocolate will melt and give it extra flavor.

melt choco small


Now that your hot drink is all pimped out, relax & enjoy your well-deserved treat! Yum! 😋