March 24, 2017 // LIFESTYLE

How to survive the clocks turning forward

Take your DeLorean: we’re going back to the future! We’ll lose an hour on Sunday… which means that you’ll sleep 1 hour less. Got it? …Not really? Well, the main thing is, you’ve gotta come prepared to set your clocks forward, and be a little more tired than the day before. We know… it’s such a pain. But the good news is, we’re giving you some tips to survive the time travel 😉

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1 – Start partying 1 hour earlier

We’ve all been thinking about Saturday night’s 25 hour party dilemma :p Cuz you don’t want to lose 1 hour of partying, do you? It’s simple: just start partying one hour earlier.

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2 – Go to Hawaii, they don’t change the clocks

If it’s plus 1 hour, this means minus an hour of sleep, but plus 1 hour of daylight, but not in every time zone…. Wait. This is giving us a headache. How about just moving to Hawaii? They don’t change the clocks, and we have nothing against taking a dip in aqua blue waters.

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3 – Increase the size of your coffee

Because coffee is always the answer. Because life begins after coffee.

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4 – All the clocks you forgot to set back will be on time

Finally, your car clock will display the right time again!

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There you are. Ready to time travel. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads 😉