March 15, 2017 // FASHION

Feel the Spring Vibes with Sarah from

Oh hello there, sunshine! That’s right, the first spring month is finally here! As pink shades are a huge trend right now, it’s time to give your #OOTD a little spring touch. Blogger babe Sarah from is our inspiration here.

Sarah opted for iconic blush pink TALLY WEiJL trousers and created an ultra-trendy feminine look based on it: a simple white T-shirt & grey cardigan underline the delicate shade of pink for a fashion-forward style.


To top her look off, she went for some silver accessories such as a bag and TALLY WEiJL trainers with silver details: They complete the look perfectly and give it a modern & edgy vibe. Pink & silver is a match made in heaven, told ya 😉


Follow Sarah on Instagram here.
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