April 7, 2017 // LIFESTYLE

5 tips to up your selfie game

Yes, the selfie is still on! But the 2017 selfie is different. We’ve round up all the tips to take the perfect trendy selfie!

1 – Know your angle

Classic but ultimate tip: posing is an art and getting the perfect selfie may take a few tries. Chin up, chin down, low angle, high angle… just try out some poses until you find the most flattering one. Unless you’re a Corgi – then you should always use the back angle :p

1 - (17)

1 - dog-

2 – Lighting is key

Hollywood celebs keep admitting it: it’s all about good lighting. And that’s actually true. So look for the nearest window or for a ray of sun. One rule: always face the light!

2 - (16)

3 – The duckface is out – sorry, ducks.

Forget the smooch effect, the duck face is officially out since 1990. Just opt for a smile instead!

3 - (19)

4 – Rainbow light filters! Wait… what?

Let’s face it, traditional filters are out. The new way to be cool is to use rainbow light filters. Yes, we mean an actual rainbow. And this requires skills! Here are 3 ways to achieve this selfie to make you look cooler than all the unicorns in the galaxy:

– Use a mirror half dipped in a bowl of water and let the sunray hit the mirror. Even better: use a prism.

– Shine a flashlight onto a CD and have the light reflect on you.

– Download an app 😉

4 - 4

5 – The Selfie with the #crew

Pose with your squad! Just make sure you pick the friend with the longest arm to take the group selfie so everyone fits in.

 5 - (18)

Bonus tip: Know your stuff with our selfie variations glossary

#Belfie: yes, you’ve figured it out. It really is a butt-selfie.

#Dronie: a selfie literally taken to the next level with help of a drone.

#Helfie: a selfie focusing on your hair. Perfect to try when you’ve just been to the hairdressers!

#Welfie: a workout selfie, yes those you proudly take on the treadmill are just one example.


There you go! Now have fun snappin’ & show off your epic selfie on Instagram 😊📸